1. Come hang out with me and these babes at Jimmy’s Coffee in Kensington Market :)

  2. Introducing my new screen printed ‘Hi-Energy’ tote bag. I’ll be selling them and other wares at the Make Showcase on Friday night at Jimmy’s Coffee in Kensington.

  3. Keeping busy #illustration #wip


  4. I’m trying to get better at promoting my stuff

    So I made a Facebook page :) Like it here and thanks~

  5. Things are gearing up. I’ve been working on some new things that I’m excited to be selling at the Make: a showcase (no. 2) this Thursday at No one writes the Colonel! Going to have some totes, stickers and lots of other great stuff. Its going to be a great night with lots of other super talented friend artists in tow. I will to be tabling with the lovely SabrinaJoren and Vesna. It’ll be a blast. Be sure to come by!

  6. My dreamy workspace is still evolving.

  7. Screen printed some witchy Totes for the MAKE showcase April 3 @ No one writes the Colonel. Be sure to come by and grab one!

  8. These babes will put a spell on you. Still a #wip but coming along magically.

  9. Hey I’ve started selling things I make online now!! go go get some at WEAREMYTHS and help me out by giving a nice rating if you happen to buy something, thanks love you bye bye

  10. This is a sneak peek at a design for some new stickers I’m cooking up! Exciting things are happening, I’ll explain more soon ;)